Last Second Media is a master builder of results-oriented lead generation programs positioned to take advantage of residual, remnant or unsold media.  By timing media and sales organization relationships in advance across multiple channels, LSM secures outrageous returns for clients with strong predictability and large scale. We are experts at per inquiry television advertising and marketing.

LSM is a strategic direct marketing and media brokerage with several methods for building brands, amplifying revenues and heightening ROI.   The firm relieves client frustration with integrated marketing that produces qualified sales leads to power the growth of their clients.  LSM produces this growth by deploying sharp, direct response marketing on TV, radio, and the Internet.  Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs.

Based in Las Vegas, Last Second Media is a unique media and services brokerage with big capabilities. We specialize in bringing our clients a large volume of sales leads through smart, incredibly efficient advertising.

If you're interested in per inquiry advertising, Last Second Media can help you secure the lowest CPL (Cost-per-Lead) whether you want your offer to be seen across the country, or only in specially targeted markets.

We can help drive volume at a fixed cost in the following arenas:

Marketing to Seniors & The Mature

Diabetes, Mobility Scooters, Incontinence &

  • High Dollar Financial Marketing & Investment Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical & Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Push Campaigns
  • Medicare and Medical Supply
  • Military Recruitment
  • Government Communication
  • Senior Care & Caregiver Marketing
  • Mature American Marketing
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Online Education, .edu Lead Generation
  • Trade, Nursing and Ground School Lead Generation
  • Legal and Lawyer Advertising & Marketing for Personal Injury http://lawyerprofit.com/
  • Mass Tort Case Acquisition http://lawyerprofit.com/
  • Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
  • Life Insurance Settlement
  • Premium Life Insurance Financing

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Founded Nov 3, 2003 to provide innovative and profitable lead generation programs that propel growth.

We use the scientific methods of Direct Response Marketing to test, modify then scale marketing programs for million dollar gains.

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