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Bob Visco, New Business Development

Bob Visco of Richmond, VA joins Last Second Media as a senior account and media person after 20+ years in the industry. Bob is a direct marketing and advertising pro who has extensive direct response media, advertising management and new business development experience. He's worked a wide variety of agency, client-side, in-house agency and consultancy positions. For Last Second Media, Bob will concentrate on national concerns seeking higher volume campaigns on TV and Radio. In the past, Bob has worked with leading direct response brands including, ITT Technical Institute, Colonial Penn Insurance, Tempur-Pedic, Intuit's TurboTax, University of Phoenix, Sears Home Improvements, Law Offices of James Sokolove, Medical Hair Restoration, National Education Centers, America's Lending Partners and Mantis Roto-Tiller. Defying convention, Bob also completed his MBA in 2002 at UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business. After competing with Bob for clients over the years, we've learned his unique knack for building long term relationships that make money for clients is invaluable, and we're absolutely proud to be working with him now. You can reach Bob at viscobob@comcast.net or at 707.478.0063.

Tyler Mecham,
Manager of Operations
Vytautas Malesh,
Manager, IT & Security

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Founded Nov 3, 2003 to provide innovative and profitable lead generation programs that propel growth.

We use the scientific methods of Direct Response Marketing to test, modify then scale marketing programs for million dollar gains.

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