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ILast Second Media provides frugal accountability for your advertising dollar. We do this by creating a win/win for both direct response advertisers and partner stations.    

Getting started on a pay-for-performance basis is easy, too. Helping you determine, " How Much Will It Cost?" is the value we bring to the relationship. There are 12 steps we walk you through:


1.  CREATE YOUR OFFER - It's important to create a compelling offer for viewers to act now.  Without this offer, no amount of brand positioning or creative production will overcome the costs of doing business.

2.  RUN FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS  - By running business models at varying volumes, you'll find the sweet spot for your direct marketing campaign.

3.  WRITE SCRIPT/LEGAL REVIEW  -   This is one of most overlooked parts of direct response TV and Radio, and may take as long as 2 weeks to complete.  Writing the first commercial allows you to focus on the Unique Selling Proposition for your firm.

4.  CREATE RESPONSE MECHANISMS  -   A unique 800 number and/or web component will be created to track the results of the DR campaign. 

5.  INTEGRATION WITH CALL CENTER  -   Whether you answer your own phone or use an outside call center, you'll want tracking for all the call components. 

6.  LEAD DEFINITION  -    How you define a valid Lead is the bedrock of your continued success.  Too much qualification and your cost-per-lead goes up.  Not enough and the lead does not convert to a sale. 

7.  DRAW OUT EACH AND EVERY TOUCH POINT - Flesh out and finalize on paper everything the caller or visitor will encounter. This includes the call center script, fulfillment materials and follow-up marketing.

8.  PRODUCE COMMERCIAL --   A set of high quality television commercials in :30 and :60 lengths averages $39,000.  Talk with Last Second Media about subsidizing this cost with your media test.  Many clients enjoy as much as a 40% savings for incredible production.

9.  ARRANGE GENERIC AND/OR  CUSTOMIZED SPOTS  -   Be sure to produce a commercial that contains no on-camera mention of the 800# or website.  This way you can customize the commercial for media tracking. 

10.  PURCHASE MEDIA TEST - To qualify for per-inquiry advertising, and to determine a fair media allowable, your creative will need to be tested on one or more of three national systems, as described below. Typically, a :60 spot can be thoroughly tested over a 2-week period for as little as $5,000.

  • Cable Testing Network - B/C/D County - Broadcast to over 2.1 million cable homes on the top 48 cable network You'll get an average of 26,000 insertions of your :60 spot!.

  • National Cable Test - A/B County  - Choose from 40 top national networks and get your commercial broadcast to 9 million households in the country's biggest markets.

  • National Broadcast Test - C/D County - Reach 7 million households in over 100 markets through broadcast TV.

11.   DETERMINE PRICING ON A PERFORMANCE BASIS- You want to sample a small part of a large universe and set your cost-per-lead within a range that can reach the largest audience possible.  After all, even if you negotiate a very low cost-per-action, your offer may never air if it's priced too low.  Last Second Media can help you reach the maximum velocity without leaving extra money on the table.

12.  EVALUATION OF COMMERCIAL RESULTS  -   There are a number of moving parts in a DRTV campaign. Plan on tweaking some of these parts to find the right mix of offer details, disclaimers, titles, or even targeted demographics.  

13. CONNECTING THE BACK-END - For successful clients, Last Second Media will embark on a fully-integrated Sales Conversion Process (SCP) to close the sale on your behalf. Last Second Media's SCP uses digitally enhanced marketing communications to:

  • close your sales automatically
  • speed up the conversion process
  • maintain low-cost contact with the customer
  • develop word-of-mouth 
  • achieve superior closing rates
  • close 100% more sales
  • double your profits.
  • Think we can help?

When you're ready, talk with Last Second Media about the best options for you.

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