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Palm Springs, CA: Cut the cost of reaching your opponents PPC clients with latest Big Data Find. We target your display advertising to the devices that recently clicked on your competitors keywords.

Searchword Tracking Ads are behaviour technology that disrupts the $90 Billion Google Adwords market. JUST ASK YOURSELF: Would you rather pay over $25 per click or about a penny to reach the very same customer?

Clients are seeing $6-$9 cost-per-clicks in a field of $50-$70 costs. And we're seeing response rates 6X's the industry averages.

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First we research your field using SPYFU. We find all those expensive keywords where you're not #1 and your company is not being seen. Our research will now crush it with 500-600 searchword phrases that the competition is buying- but you can't afford.

We then look back in Ad History to find the most responsive text ads to build you a set of ads that break the Internet. Perhaps we'll recommend some attractive visuals, propose a killer promotion with a great call-to-action and even walk you thru the latest best-practices for Google and Facebook Retargeting.

Watch as your ads appear to your opponents customers on 2.1 million top name websites as we deploy 9 display ads to the laptop, mobile or workstation of your targets.

Your total media cost is $10 CP/M. That's a million impressions a month direct to the devices of people who are active and intent on your field of business.

Most importantly, we'll help you target and acquire expensive keyword searches and the searches of your competitors brand name.

  • Move Your PPC Costs Downward
  • Win Back Lost Keyword Auctions
  • Contact Customers at Point of Purchase Intent
  • Harvest Competitors TV & Radio Respondents

Look what Keyword Disrupt is doing today:

  • $125 IRS TAX SETTLEMENT LEADS become ~$40 to $90.
  • $300 ONLINE NURSING SCHOOL LEADS become ~$68 or less
  • $160 MORTGAGE REFINANCE LEADS drop by 50% or more
  • $286 TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY LEADS fall from $286 per click to $12.
  • $40,000 MESOTHELIOMA CASE ACQUISTION cut in half.

We are on a wait-list for several arenas. The following lead traffic segments are available now:

  1. Addiction Treatment Leads
  2. Auto Donation Leads
  3. Auto Warranty Leads
  4. B2b Lending Leads
  5. SBA Loan Leads
  6. Final Expense Leads
  7. Dental Insurance Leads
  8. Annuity Sales Leads
  9. Longterm Care Insurance Leads
  10. Cancer Treatment Leads
  11. Gold Sales Leads
  12. Home Improvement Leads
  13. Window Replacement Leads
  14. Home Warranty Leads
  15. IRS Tax Relief Leads
  16. Lemon Law Attornet Leads
  17. Mortgage Origination Leads
  18. Mortgage Refinance Leads
  19. Payday Loan Leads
  20. Car Title Loan Leads
  21. Rent-to-own Leads
  22. Reverse Mortgage Leads
  23. School Loan Consolidation Leads
  24. Truck Accident Attorney Ledas
  25. VA Disability Appeal Leads
  26. Real Estate Sales Leads
  27. Life Insurance Leads

If you're in education (ground school or online), insurance, automotive lending, mass tort or legal fields, please drop me an email to frank@ or call 800-334-4500. I would love to share with you how transformational Searchword Tracking Ads can be for your company.



Pay for success, not ad time....because each atom of our logo represents a big new sales opportunity for your firm: You can enjoy up to 11 different per-inquiry media channels to drive the marketshare, sales and profits of your company. Why pay for advertising time if it generates no response?

Our best clients find success with high dollar financial lead generation. Education, SeniorCare, Financial, Law, Healthcare, Addiction and Public Policy do well on our media networks. With Per Inquiry you pay for the response, not an ad unit. May we help you?

For dozens of clients, we make it easy to access per inquiry advertising nationally. Enjoy big national daytime TV shows, name-brand cable networks, and hundreds of powerful TV stations. Plus, we have 300 million phone books, 2,000 radio stations and shows plus 68,000,000+ cable viewers. That's big power!

Even more importantly, we tap this scalable, repeatable and testable media on either a Remnant Rate/Performance model or a Per Inquiry model.

It's simple: LSM eliminates the risk of your marketing and advertising with nearly guaranteed results on:

Since 2002, we’ve proven that lead generation clients can build large volumes of sales leads with a customized portfolio of smart, incredibly efficient advertising on television, radio, cable, print, yellowpages, internet and within web video marketing venues.

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Ready to Launch New Sales or Acquire More Cases?
  • Yes, you’ll propel your business and pay only for results-- not advertising
  • You’ll lock in sales results for next quarter and beyond
  • You'll have access to big media outlets
  • You'll get 11 powerful, new secret weapons in the marketplace.


CREATIVE --Direct Marketing Success starts with an imagination for stirring emotions, creating a desire and then connecting that story with consumers nationwide. You'll find our direct response advertising and creative pulls more response and just costs less. Take a spin with some of our spots:

MEDIA TESTING: By practicing a relational science of advertising to profitable response, LSM amplifies your revenues and heighten ROI.  (That means testing lots of media both cheap and effectively) We get that done through year round personal relationships between corporate media clients and our order desk.  Our goal is to relieve frustration with powerful advertising that produce highly qualified sales leads for participating clients.

SEEK SALES GROWTH: Openly, per inquiry marketing via television, cable, radio, yellowpages, newsprint, Inbox and Web Video Launch 2.0© are how direct response brands grow big. So they test their offer. Once proven, they scale.

USE PER INQUIRY: We make per inquiry and low cost advertising work for your sales organization from the ground up:  with clear brand differentiation and a strong call-to-action. Combined, these strategies create an efficiency from unsold media and drives unparalleled demand.

With these advantages, we can dynamically produce bigger top-line revenues and ever-increasing marketing ROI. Care to learn the secrets of our success?

DRIVE DEMAND: LSM uniquely drives this demand for high dollar and financial concern through TV, cable, radio, print venues like yellowpages and the Internet.  Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, pay-per-call, Cost Per Call (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs.  Some even refer to our programs as PBA--performance based advertising.

BUILD THE ENGINE: By combining multiple medias using PBA methods, we deliver lower cost marketing results and build higher sales volume regardless of market conditions, season or quarter. We also help close more sales through digitally-enhanced integrated marketing programs. In the end, we make money when the client makes money.

SCALE UP: If your firm is interested in scalable, per inquiry advertising and a set of strongly predictable marketing campaigns to grow your business, then let Last Second Media help you secure your lowest CPL (Cost-Per-Lead). Well deliver more volume and better sales results.

Isn’t it time you had a client advocate to broker your media buys and deliver results day after day?

To qualify, we ask that you currently plan to propel over a hundred thousand dollars a month in sales using direct response media.

If you’re ready to grow BIG, call 1-800-334-4500 for our comprehensive free $100,000 Marketing Survey®. We’ll make you money with a business scale powered by Last Second Media, Direct-Response-Radio and Web Video Launch 2.0©.

Per Inquiry Advertising

Sometimes called Pay for Performance, Per Inquiry is a form of direct response marketing measured as cost-per-call (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead (PPL) or cost per action (CPA) . Instead of paying per thousand viewers (CPM) or per run, the advertiser receives free advertising time or space while paying only for results. Per inquiry cuts the risk of advertising by partnering with the media using a performance metric.

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Founded Nov 3, 2003 to provide innovative and profitable lead generation programs that propel growth.

We use the scientific methods of Direct Response Marketing to test, modify then scale marketing programs for million dollar gains.

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