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IMedia broadcasters, much like airlines, try to eke out as much money from their unsold airspace as possible. And like airlines, broadcasters cannot put unsold time (or seats) in a warehouse. What this means is that prices tend to be inflated and difficult to negotiate down - until the spot is about to run.

Any time you can catch the broadcaster with unsold inventory at the very last second, your negotiating power suddenly goes way up, and the price they're willing to accept suddenly falls downward.

This is why Last Second Media works.

We allow broadcasters the freedom to charge premium rates, because we offer them a back-up plan.

More importantly, we provide a way for our clients to advertise their offer on over 600 media outlets across the US and Canada - for a small fraction of traditional rates.

Learn more about the difference between Per-Inquiry and Low-Cost Cash Buys below, or get started with a National Cable Test from just $10,000 .

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Founded Nov 3, 2003 to provide innovative and profitable lead generation programs that propel growth.

We use the scientific methods of Direct Response Marketing to test, modify then scale marketing programs for million dollar gains.

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