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Frank Pournelle, President

CEO of Last Second Media, Frank Pournelle, has specialized in direct response marketing for 25 years. In his experiences, Frank has:
  • Assisted in the acquisition of 250,000 new medicare patients through DRTV

    Referred over $2.8 Billion in home value to Reverse Mortgage specialists around the United States

  • Paid nothing to publish in 200 million+ Yellow Page phone books
  • Helped 24 companies sell over $140,000,000.00 in goods and services through direct response marketing
  • Written, directed, and produced over 50 direct-response commercials and videos
  • Directed programming sales to national television and cable broadcasters, video, DVD, international and film producers
  • Created integrated marketing communication plans for customer relationship management solutions, including full e-mail marketing programs
  • Served as Executive Director of Database Marketing for the Riviera Hotel & Casino.
  • Mailed over 30 million pieces of direct mail
  • Provided media management and consulting services for national corporate concerns in the financial, nutraceutical, investment and medical arenas
  • Developed LEADGENIUS; a proprietary, automated, digital communication continuum designed to boost conversion from corporate lead inquiries.
Frank has earned his Masters Degree, mastered many complex marketing techniques, experienced many strategies first-hand, and most importantly, he has learned what makes money, and how to do it. Joined by a hand-picked staff, select vendors, mentors and partners, Frank is ready to help you learn from his experiences and boost your profits.

Tyler Mecham,
Steve Bass
Web Strategist

Bob Visco, Chairman Emeritus


Walter Marin
Web Strategist
Stefan Downing
General Manager
Keegan Hamlin
Assistant Web Strategist


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Founded Nov 3, 2003 to provide innovative and profitable lead generation programs that propel growth.

We use the scientific methods of Direct Response Marketing to test, modify then scale marketing programs for million dollar gains.

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