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DRTV Advertisers Locking Up Yellow Page Advertising Sold on a Pay-Per-Call Basis

Per Inquiry Cable and TV Advertising Now Measured Down to the Household

National DRTV Advertisers Flock to New Digital Channels

Higher Power Inks Deal for Client Development

Trial Lawyer Advertising Makes Use of Per-Inquiry Radio, Television, and Web-Video to Secure Toxic-Tort and Wrongful-Death Cases

CPL Web Video Marketing Boosts Lead Generation

Killer Search Engine Rankings from Web Video Proven by Last Second Media’s Web Video Syndication Program

Reverse Mortgage Specialists Received over $2 Billion in Home Value Referrals from Television Advertising

LeadGenius Goes Beyond Click Fraud Protection with Artificial Intelligence for Lead Verification

Mr. Inky Takes the Stage

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**DRTV Advertisers Locking Up Yellow Page Advertising Sold on a Pay-Per-Call Basis**

Performance-Based Ads Act as Hedge against the Rising Costs of Direct Response Advertising
~ Lead Generation and High Dollar Financial Marketers Are Taking Notice ~

Madison, WI –Last Second Media Inc announced it is offering display ad placement for DRTV advertisers within Yellow Pages advertising on a pay-per-call or per inquiry basis.  This program provides a multi-million dollar print campaign to 300 million homes with almost no money upfront.

For direct response advertisers seeking critical dominance in their field, Last Second Media Inc (LSM) now integrates these physical and internet-based local search mediums into one national program called Performance Yellow Pages. 

Pay-per-call yellow page advertising guarantees there is no cost for the yellowpages advertising unless calls are received by the client.

According to a study by Knowledge Networks/SRI, in 2007, print Yellow Pages were referenced 13.4 billion times, while Internet Yellow Pages references increased to 3.8 billion, up from 2006’s 3.3 billion online searches.

 This performance-based advertising from Last Second Media cuts the risk of advertising in Yellow Pages as an alternative for branded advertisers. Those marketers experiencing a drop off in sales volume as the economy cools and DVR usage increases, can now lock-in physical delivery of their ads to over 300 million homes throughout 2011. They pay only for valid calls generated.

“Our Performance Yellow Pages Program initiates awareness and interest for clients with a direct call-to-action,” says Last Second Media President Frank Pournelle.  “Yellow Pages connects the dots at the time of research --just before purchase.  Think about it, following local searches, consumers most often contact a business over the telephone (39%) or contact the business online (12%). Directory search can drive as much as 50% or more of a final purchase decision using pay-per-call yellow pages advertising.”

With the declining effectiveness and profitability of intangible advertising such as radio, TV and even cost-per-click internet marketing, this performance based yellow pages program revives a dying print industry while giving a hedge to clients against price increases throughout the next 12-14 months.  That’s because the Performance Yellow Pages program is sold a year out to qualifying advertisers with the cost-per-call fixed for the life of the contract.

Small, growing and billion dollar sales companies all now pay the same cost for the part of Yellow Pages advertising that generates calls.  

Not all advertisers are welcome.  Those in the fields of debt settlement, loan modification, or IRS tax relief are still asked to pay cash for their ads.   Rather, growth is being seen using Yellow Pages advertising on a pay-per-call basis for specialized national attorney law firms, Social Security Disability Advocates, traditional and reverse mortgage concerns; even hotel reservation desks and payday loan referral companies.  “Anyone who can turn a call into cash is welcome to a free consultation on the Performance Yellow Pages program,” says Last Second Media President, Frank Pournelle.  “National Law Firms and B2B lead generation businesses are especially keen for this new program”

“The importance of Yellow Pages advertising is commonly overlooked as ‘old school’, but it's one of the most effective methods to get your business name out there at the time of a business decision“ says Mr. Pournelle.

Frank Pournelle, President, www.LastSecondMedia.tv 1-800-334-4500


**Per Inquiry Cable and TV Advertising
Now Measured Down to the Household**

CONTACT: http://www.LastSecondMedia.tv   - Last Second Media, Inc.

Frank Pournelle 1-800-334-4500 frank@LastSecondMedia.com

Madison, WI   Last Second Media announced the first open and reliable system for calculating per inquiry rates at market values with LaserCable©The direct response television (DRTV) system eliminates prejudice from cost per action (CPA) testing networks and provides a direct input-output experience to DRTV advertisers for broadcast on a per inquiry (PI) basis.

Under PI or CPA programs, national advertisers pay nothing for cable and TV broadcast advertising to instead pay only for each lead or call. With this new PI test bed, LaserCable© further simplifies placement of advertising across today's highly fragmented media landscape by fairly calculating PI advertising rates for small and mid-sized advertisers.

LaserCable© from Last Second Media is a two year old beta program that allows clients to access premium Cable and Satellite television advertising time at remnant rates.  The unique benefit is no longer paying a fixed rate for advertising broadcast, but instead, paying for the number of households that actually view the direct response television commercial.  LaserCable© bypasses inaccurate Nielsen ratings and applies a true viewership to each broadcast literally down to the household level.

The LaserCable© platform is of meaningful size with a national footprint covering 27 million households across satellite and cable platforms.  No longer are PI results skewed by response from testing cable broadcast in rural areas of Texas or within low income areas of Arkansas.  “Calculating per inquiry television advertising rates are no longer a mysterious‘black box’.  This is the gold scale of media for DRTV and PI advertising,” says Frank Pournelle, president of Last Second Media Inc.. “PI networks can no longer put their thumb on the scale to artificially drive up the cost per lead and advertisers can get a real sense of the profitability of a national PI campaign.”

Previously, national advertisers negotiated in the dark for a real world cost per lead, cost per call or cost per order for their individual PI campaign.  Instead of relying on estimated viewership or questionable cost per thousand (CPM) calculations or even using a run of schedule (ROS) broadcast late at night on unknown networks, LaserCable© offers third party reporting down to the actual number of viewers by daypart.

As an alternative to paying per broadcast buying unsold local cable time, Last Second Media clients now pay exactly $4 CPM for a:60 commercial or $3 CPM for a :30 commercial on a national basis. 

With LaserCable©  a $6,000 PI test buys exactly 2 Million Impressions on a :30 spot.  Moving forward to a pure PI or CPA broadcast is then calculated as $6,000 divided by Test Response.  Response can be driven through toll free numbers or the web.

The client commercial tests on Time Warner, Dish Network and DirecTV through a metered system called G.I.M.P.S. -- Gross Impression Metered Programming System.  

The Advantages of G.I.M.P.S. from LaserCable© include:

  • Pay only for metered viewers

  • Cut cost of airing

  • Reach targeted demographics

  • Highly Affordable and Measurable

With LaserCable© Last Second Media helps clients optimize their advertising campaigns more effectively than ever before.  With LaserCable©, clients define their spot placement criteria to locate available spots during programming that matches their target criteria most optimally. This provides exceptionally high target and reach efficiency within the advertiser’s budget. 

LaserCable© executes data-driven media buys, giving Chief Marketing Officers more effective and accountable platform for reaching their audiences across all available networks and programs. It optimizes the advertiser’s buy to reach the highest composition of the target audience at the most efficient prices using near real-time data.  In many cases LaserCable© identifies inventory that is more valuable than ROS inventory from a media buy based on broad demographics or broad delivery.

The use of this aggregated, anonymous set-top box data enables LaserCable© to find more engaged audiences. LaserCable© is an impressions based media marketplace that reduces the complexity of advertising to find the sweet spot for profitability. It also helps to drive low-cost growth by providing an opportunity for small and mid-sized advertisers to take advantage of the marketplace with easy placement in a timely fashion, at a scalable and profitable rate of advertising.
Why LaserCable©

LaserCable© utilizes available inventory in ways that are revolutionizing television advertising. LaserCable© provides unparalleled audience reach and leverages aggregated, anonymous viewership to provide advertising accountability and ROI. The metering of actual impressions creates a closed-loop, ROI-based media model and replaces back-end reconciliation. The secret is that LaserCable© provides near real-time reach reports.

The use of aggregated, anonymous set-top box data enables LaserCable© to find more engaged audiences that are not measured by traditional TV ratings companies.

Ease of Deployment
LaserCable© handles the intricacies of ad scheduling and activates targeted media placements as well as the tracking, reporting and billing for each ad, including affidavits of performance. 

About Last Second Media Inc.
Located in Madison, WI, Last Second Media specializes in direct response advertising using cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead, pay per call and per inquiry marketing via TV, radio, in newsprint, yellowpages and within online advertising. 

As a direct marketing agency , LSM has proven an imagination for stirring emotions, creating desire and establishing personal relationships between corporate clients and consumers nationwide.  Their  advertising pulls more response and costs less. By practicing a relational science of advertising to profitable response, LSM amplifies client revenues and heightens ROI.   This relieves client frustration with powerful advertising that produces highly qualified leads for participating firms.

CONTACT: http://www.LastSecondMedia.tv   - Last Second Media, Inc.

Frank Pournelle 1-800-334-4500 frank@LastSecondMedia.com


**National DRTV Advertisers Flock to New Digital Channels**

Per Inquiry Campaigns on  Digital ‘Subchannels’ Growing

LAS VEGAS (June 18, 2009) — Last Second Media Inc, the 6-year-old direct response agency specializing in Per-inquiry (PI) marketing and advertising for lead generation sales companies, revealed today details on advertising opportunities in the transition to digital television.  The switch from analog has created a new, digital frontier for PI.

Last Second Media reports significant client growth by direct response advertisers spurred by television stations now offering “subchannels”.  Said agency president, Frank Pournelle  “It’s the new wild-wild West as additional digital and high-definition (HD) broadcasters seek to fill unsold inventory.  Our clients are authorizing broadcast and getting results on these new digital channels. They are finding an early mover's advantage plus better urban market coverage with their commercials.  Broadcast media on digital subchannels and HD signals has a very low cost CPM.  In fact, I estimate it costs about half the going rate of traditional broadcast and cable media –even when sold on a remnant or standby rate.” 

A case study by Last Second Media for a national law firm in May, 2009 delivered 24 new tort liability cases for Birth Control Injury.  The test ran 400 commercials on a 6 million household Digital TV system with a client investment under eight thousand dollars.  Within two weeks of this small cash media test, a Per Inquiry advertising model was negotiated and the client now pays only for each valid lead in a per inquiry program on hundreds of digital properties.

Since TV stations nationwide switched off their analog signals and moved to digital last week, national advertisers are filling this unsold time on untested digital subchannels and HD broadcast signals with the help of PI agencies such as Last Second Media Inc.  LSM is powered exclusively by Higher Power Marketing (HPM) and acts on the Client Development side without client commission to arrange these PI deals on a large scale.

With a PI campaign, HPM network members run digital TV ads at no charge to the client; instead, the client pays only for responses.  HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country in their seamless network and accesses unsold inventories of ad time. It places the client’s ad in those spots until the agreed upon number of responses is reached. This allows the client to establish a stable, predictable cost per lead (CPL) without the burdensome and unpredictable expense usually associated with ad buying.

  1.  “Digital PI has the potential of creating a WIN-WIN situation for our media partners and clients because media partners get national-quality, HD advertising from national corporations.  The spots look great on their subchannels, we provide uncompressed files right on DVD for easy upload, while our clients receive more and more exposure on a pure performance basis,” says HPM President Peter Feinstein. “We just made the disparity of market and demand for advertising of untested media, simpler. A brand new digital TV subchannel or HD channel may have a limited track record for local advertisers. Rather than give away the ad time to current advertisers or devalue its worth, our lead generation PI advertisers offer an immediate opportunity to generate income on a pay per call, per lead or per order. It all works as a backup offer and makes remnant ad time predictable for both parties. Stations just plug in our PI offers and clients get billed for each lead.”

The market for PI is growing. With the digital transition, commercial and even public-broadcasting stations have new opportunities to earn advertising revenue with PI.  

“Stations find it easy with us. Per-inquiry advertising takes away the onus off stations managing affidavits, changes in household delivery, new carriage licenses and even protects their advertising rate card. High paying per inquiry offers make profit for new digital TV subchannels,” Feinstein says.

For national corporate advertisers, these new digital TV subchannels offer another venue for reducing their advertising risk while growing their market share. “Advertising always works at the right price,” says HPM Client Development Specialist Frank Pournelle. “Mortgage companies, national law firms, even medical and insurance providers have all expressed support in placing their direct-response TV commercials on newer digital tiers. Because they pay only for each lead or call, they view digital subchannels and HD broadcast signals as just one more venue in driving sales and profits.”

“As the audience evolves on these channels, direct response clients will enjoy a first-mover’s advantage with low cost and broadcasters will earn more revenue on a performance or per-inquiry basis,” Feinstein says.
 “Per Inquiry Advertising on new digital subchannels, offers national advertisers a risk-free trial of new media using direct response TV, ” said Frank Pournelle, President of Last Second Media Inc.

Last Second Media is a master builder of results-oriented lead generation programs positioned to take advantage of residual, remnant or unsold media.  By timing fire sale media to sales organizations across multiple channels, LSM secures outrageous returns for clients with strong predictability and large scale. 

LSM is a strategic direct marketing and media brokerage with several methods for building brands, amplifying revenues and heightening ROI.   The firm relieves client frustration with integrated marketing that produces qualified sales leads to power the growth of their clients.  LSM produces this growth by deploying sharp, direct response marketing on TV, radio, and the Internet.  Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, Cost Per Call (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs.  Corporate information can be accessed at http://www.LastSecondMedia.tv or by phoning 800-334-4500.

**Higher Power Inks Deal for Client Development**

/Last Second Media to Grow Business Base for Per-Inquiry Ad Agency/

Phoenix March 29, 2009 -- Higher Power Marketing a leading per-inquiry (PI) advertising agency, has engaged Las Vegas-based Last Second Media Inc. to handle its client development.

"LSM is going to become the sales force for HPM, uncovering and developing new clients for our various direct-response and per-inquiry media platforms," says Peter Feinstein, HPM's president and chief executive officer. "That is their real forte. Bringing them on board gives us dedicated staff to handle the inflow of new customers, as well as a focused ability to pursue new and strategic client relationships."

LSM is going to become the sales force for HPM, uncovering and developing new clients for our various direct-response and per-inquiry media platforms. That is their real forte. Bringing them on board gives us dedicated staff to handle the inflow of new customers, as well as a focused ability to pursue new and strategic client relationships. <http://www.HPowerMarketing.com>We're not changing our colors The vast majority of what we do is per inquiry. Right now is a big opportunity for DRTV and DR radio advertisers to experience enormous growth and prosperity with HPM's power-packed suite of performance media options, we can save a client thousands in media and earn them millions more. By marrying old and new media with an accountable methodology, we can rapidly position a sales organization for success while others are failing. Feinstein says the move will enable him to dedicate more time to bigger-picture company initiatives, but he promises that HPM will continue to provide the same high-quality advertising results and customer service that its clients have come to expect.

"We're not changing our colors," he says. "The vast majority of what we do is per inquiry." PI advertising <http://www.hpowermarketing.com/howwedoit.asp> also is known as pay-per-lead (PPL) or direct-response advertising (DR). HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country - radio, television, print and mobile media - and access to their unsold inventories of ad space or time. A PI campaign puts ads in those spots at no charge to the client; instead, the client pays for responses to the advertising. The client's ad runs until the agreed upon number of responses is reached, allowing him or her to establish a stable, predictable cost per lead (CPL) without the burdensome and unpredictable expense usually associated with ad buying.

What qualifies as a response is negotiated between each client and HPM. Packages can be structured for a variety of results: per inquiry (any response), per call or Web inquiry, per lead (name and contact information) - even per sale.

"Right now is a big opportunity for DRTV and DR radio advertisers to experience enormous growth and prosperity," says Frank Pournelle, president of LSM. "With HPM's power-packed suite of performance media options, we can save a client thousands in media and earn them millions more. By marrying old and new media with an accountable methodology, we can rapidly position a sales organization for success while others are failing."

With more than 25 years of direct marketing experience, Pournelle is a nationally recognized figure in DR radio, DRTV and Web video. He is known for his ability to use DR media to deliver unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for clients. He also is the architect of LeadGenius®, a patent-pending process for verifying, scoring and promoting sales using artificial intelligence on Internet-generated marketing programs. In addition, he runs several other businesses, including WebVideoLaunch, LifeGuardian, Direct Response Radio and RoyaltyPoint.

To learn more about how a relationship with Last Second Media and HPM could jump-start your lead generation and sales efforts through DR and PI advertising, please visit www.LastSecondMedia.tv.

**Trial Lawyer Advertising Makes Use of Per-Inquiry Radio, Television, and Web-Video to Secure Toxic-Tort and Wrongful-Death Cases**

LAS VEGAS (NEWSWIRES) – Creating exciting new opportunities for trial lawyers seeking acquisition of tort-liability cases, media brokerage firm Last Second Media has unveiled a bold marketing campaign aimed at garnering attorney clients new potential product liability, malpractice, product-recall, and wrongful-death suits.

Since 2001, Last Second Media Inc. has used direct-response media to help attorneys nationwide secure thousands of new clients in headline-making suits involving Mesothelioma, Vioxx and Celebrex, and heart defibrillator and hernia patch cases.

“Our firm has delivered thousands of new tort-liability cases for legal firms as a comprehensive service package,” reports Frank Pournelle, President and Founder of LSM. “We create commercial scripts with emotional appeal and self-selecting criteria, produce cutting edge television and web spots, develop outstanding call-center screening, and access potential cases months ahead of the competition.”

Using a unique yield-analysis program called Broadcast Return on Investment (BROI), Last Second Media has had tremendous success with per-inquiry media programs where client firms pay only when customers respond to advertising, and the combination of multiple offline media drives response for clients rather than solely serve existing demand. “A client can profitably obtain new cases long after competitors stop running cash media to secure tort-liability cases,” says LSM Vice President of Business Development, Robert Visco. “We can increase your firm’s profit margin with lower costs, greater longevity, and greater reach.”

Delivering economical advertising by creating pseudo-partnerships between broadcasters and law firms using millions in unsold advertising inventory, we are able to reach injured parties and their families by use of our 230-station radio inventory across 26 states; clients can be on the air in a matter of days. Per-inquiry television programs can be initiated in under a week with Web Video Launch, which provides top ranking with organic search terms in as little as ten hours.

Last Second Media has connected firms with liability cases involving heart valves, dialysis machines, breast implants, consumer electronics, and tobacco and food-product suits. We are actively seeking new clients for cases involving clean-room birth defects, anti-convulsant medication, commercial trucking accidents, insurance and social security coverage, environmental criminal liability, and many more.

The proven operational success of Last Second Media will target, attract, qualify, and process candidates so that clients can concentrate on their practice with no additional staff or learning curve. To date, LSM has secured an estimated $100 million in legal settlements for attorneys and their clients: contact us at 1-800-334-4500, or visit us at http://www.Direct-Response-Radio.com, http://www.LastSecondMedia.tv, or http://www.WebVideoLaunch.com.

**CPL Web Video Marketing Boosts Lead Generation**

New Web Video Launch 2.0 Makes Web Video Marketing for Lead Generation
 Easier and Faster with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Video, PR, RSS and Social Media Bookmarks in one Service

Las Vegas, NV – Web Video Launch 2.0powered by Last Second Media is a Web Video engine driving direct marketers to more leads and more revenue.  Lead Generation Marketing just became easier for growth companies with cost per lead (CPL) web video marketing from Web Video Launch 2.0.  Local enterprises, regional firms and national brands are all participating.

“Whether it’s a local guy seeking to market his small business, a mid-size firm raising capital to expand, or a national brand looking for a new sales channel,” says Frank Pournelle, President/CEO of Last Second Media, “Web Video Launch 2.0 delivers web video marketing optimized for top placement on Google and other search engines.”

What differentiates Web Video Launch 2.0is the ability to provide integrated web video marketing for lead generation on a PI, Per Inquiry, CPL, CPA or CPS basis.  Clients that participate will enjoy unlimited sales lead potential in a pay-only-for-performance web video campaign. 

“We can help grow your business at a fixed cost less than 25% of margin,” says Pournelle.  “Let’s say your consulting firm helps companies with reverse mergers, public shell corporations, raising capital, and IPO’s. If you make $10,000 representing a small business merger, and that on average you close 10% of your lead inquiries, then you should never pay more than $250 per qualified lead.”

In this recession, Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) advertising delivers profitability and growth.  By offering CPL Web Video Marketing, Web Video Launch 2.0bridges the gap between offline TV and radio advertising, with a series of performance based online web video marketing campaigns.  Web Video Launch 2.0clients may pay for each web or phone lead using CPL (Cost per lead), CPA (Cost per Action) CPC (Cost per Call) or even PI (Per Inquiry) basis.

“For high-dollar financial transactions, Web Video Launch 2.0will deliver qualified, motivated potential customers.  As early movers in web video, our clients will ride the curve with optimized web video innovations to make you relevant to your potential customers,” says Bob Visco, Vice President Business Development of Last Second Media Inc.

"Cost-Per-Lead web video marketing allows advertisers to pay only for leads - and not for impressions and clicks that frequently never convert, “ says Visco.  “Online lead generation has traditionally been associated with generic, re-sold sales leads or incentivized co-registration. With Web Video Launch 2.0advertisers generate unique web video marketing leads -- leads specific to their campaign.  There are no re-sold leads in this model.”

Advertisers find Web Video Leads have high lifetime value.  They use web video marketing leads to remarket to their consumers - building e-newsletter lists, forums, community sites, reward programs and other member acquisition programs.

Web Video Launch 2.0is a monthly web video marketing service for high dollar financial marketing on a cost per lead (CPL) basis.  Corporate lead generation clients enjoy high ranking on Google and other search engines using integrated search engine optimization (SEO), web video marketing, PR, RSS and social media.  The lower cost advertising and marketing services are achieved by building and launching web video pages optimized for relevance, recency, and sales conversion.  With highly efficient web video marketing systems, you can now pay for each lead and eliminate much of the risk of web video marketing online.”

The original Web Video Launch syndicates web videos and associated promotion components for clients and entities in over 120 categories.  Reach extends to over 55 video engines, 160 blogs and 195 social book marketing locations.  And more are being added to the mix daily. 

With Web Video Launch 2.0, the basic service cost for Web Video Marketing can be as low as $3,000 a month against a guaranteed cost per lead (CPL).

If you are marketing a high-dollar lead generation offer, call Frank Pournelle for your own web video marketing consultation.

Until December  31, 2008, Last Second Media is offering a complimentary research for qualified lead generation candidates in the sales industry.  

Call Frank Pournelle, President, Last Second Media at 1-800-334-4500   PR@lastsecondmedia.tv

Visit www.WebVideoLaunch.com to see Web Video marketing case studies.


**Killer Search Engine Rankings from Web Video

Proven by Last Second Media’s Web Video Syndication Program**

CONTACT: www.LastSecondMedia.tv - Last Second Media, Inc. Frank Pournelle 1-800-334-4500 frank@LastSecondMedia.com 

Las Vegas, NV Last Second Media, the first cost per lead (CPL) media brokerage to deploy web video marketing two years ago, today announced the ability for advertisers to create CPL web video ads using their web video syndication (WVS) platform. The new WVS program enables direct response marketing using exsisting national TV commercials to dominate expensive key terms on search engines and boost the Search Engine position over competitors.

After set up, direct response advertisers can create custom web video listings using Last Second Media's web video syndication (WVS) platform. All they do is provide a list of key terms they currently purchase using Google AdWords, a toll free phone number for tracking, and an electronic copy of their generic Tv commercial. Last Second Media then deploys multiple videos on 55 specific web video sites by key term. Last Second Media's patent-pending video data technology automates the delivery of the web video with unique features aligned to algorithms specifically targeting key terms on Google, MSN, MySpace,Yahoo, and YouTube.

With web video syndication (WVS), advertisers can acquire higher search rankings by augmenting traditional SEO and paid search with web video. Advertisers can also push down negative listings of their company from consumer-generated blogs like http://www.ripoffreport.com and http://www.consumeraffairs.com

"In this economy, we are always looking for ways we can get more bang for our buck," says Fred DiCarlo, President of 1800-MarryMe.com, an industry leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings. "We run a large number of online campaigns to generate qualified leads and build our business in a cost-effective way. Last Second Media's web video syndication (WVS) platform is by far the best performing of all our creative units."

Current advertisers using the web video syndication (WVS) platform include: HearingPlanet, ComfortableRetirement, LifeGuardian, Diabetes Care Club, TimeSharesOnly, www.1800-MarryMe.com and more – a full list of available case studies can be seen here: http://www.lastsecondmedia.tv/webvideosyndication.php

“Our new web video syndication program matches the new step-by-step procedures recently adopted by the search engines to recognize full motion video over text-based SEO links. With our unique process and video submission engines, Last Second Media now makes rapid disruption of organic key word rankings available for marketers of all types and sizes. By providing advertisers with a program that pairs tracking capabilities with a pay-for-performance cost structure, we can rapidly deploy the medium of web video marketing for a unique level of response, branding and engagement,” says Frank Pournelle, President, LastSecondMedia.tv

About Last Second Media’s Web Video Syndication Program

The web video syndication (WVS) platform profligates search engine optimization (SEO) using web video dedicated to placing clients' TV commercials on the first page of relevant natural search results on leading search engines, such as Google, AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN. See the Web Video on Last Second Media's web video syndication (WVS) platform at http://www.lastsecondmedia.tv/webvideosyndication.php

About Last Second Media Inc.

 Located in Las Vegas Nevada, Last Second Media specializes in pay for performance, cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL) and per inquiry marketing via TV, radio, in newsprint and within online advertising. To learn more, visit http://www.lastsecondmedia.tv or http://www.Direct-Response-Radio.com


**Reverse Mortgage Specialists Received over $2 Billion in Home Value Referrals from Television Advertising**

Las Vegas, NV –National television advertising by referral service, ComfortableRetirement®, produced 10,446 qualified inquiries from seniors interested in reverse mortgages.  As reported by the homeowners themselves, the total home value of these qualified reverse mortgage inquiries was $2,067,540,000 according to Frank Pournelle, President of ComfortableRetirement®.

Over 50,000 American seniors called ComfortableRetirement® for a free referral to a qualified reverse specialist in their state and to receive a free information kit and DVD.  The customer’s information kit and all other costs are sponsored by a single reverse mortgage specialist or company licensed in the state of the caller. 

“At its heart, ComfortableRetirement® is a co-operative advertising program for reverse mortgage specialists around the country. We make the cost of advertising affordable and do much of the marketing and mailing for our clients.  We qualify callers so that our specialists can concentrate on growing their reverse mortgage practice.  We also insure a level of service and quality to the consumer by assisting a customer in learning about a reverse mortgage and understanding thier options.”

All client sponsors of ComfortableRetirement® have promised to abide by the Code of Ethics proscribed by N.R.M.L.A., the National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Association.  Each sponsor is also required to help consumers obtain free phone counseling from a third-party, non-profit counselor approved by the Housing and Urban Development Agency.

Because they employ this exclusive lead sponsorship program, “ComfortableRetirement® insures that our seniors are never placed on a cold call list,” said Pournelle.  “So, unlike LendingTree with multiple calls from different people, our customers get referred to a single qualified specialist. The mature of this country are not keen on getting sales calls.”

About ComfortableRetirement®
Owned by direct response advertising agency Last Second Media, ComfortableRetirement is a co-operative advertising program for reverse mortgage specialists.   For a fixed cost per qualified referral, reverse mortgage specialists cut the cost and risk of advertising. Each ComfortableRetirement® referral is:

  • Pre-Screened — We ensure that all leads meet age, equity and home ownership criteria.
  • Exclusive — The leads you receive are yours and yours alone - there's no competition for your lead's attention.
  • Pre-Educated — Every senior receives a free 8.5 minute educational video, 8 pg color brochure, and introductory letter. This ensures familiarity with the basics of a reverse mortgage, making your sales conversion that much easier.
  • Familiar With YOUR FIRM — We send out each video with a cover letter addressed from your company - with your contact information.
  • More Ready to Move Forward – your Reverse Mortgage customer is educated and empowered to move forward with you because we send multiple messages sponsored by your firm.


**LeadGenius Goes Beyond Click Fraud Protection with Artificial Intelligence for Lead Verification **

LAS VEGAS, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to heightened media attention regarding click fraud in the Google and Yahoo CPC programs, a prominent direct response advertising agency, Last Second Media , has publicly unveiled its lead verification process: LeadGenius.

LeadGenius is a proprietary set of database filters, techniques and processes that removes fraudulent leads before sale and transfer to a lead buyer.  The process augments human review and click fraud protections in validating an internet-generated lead.  Proved over a 6 month trial by a high volume, work-from-home referral service, the LeadGenius process has automatically eliminated thousands of costly invalid records and boosted the efficiency of its buyer's resources.

Over the last year, the LeadGenius process has been used on over 1.1 million individual records for a free referral service matching consumers with work-from-home opportunities.  The majority of the leads were generated through pay-for-performance TV advertising pushing respondents to tracked websites.

Last Second Media Inc. President, Frank Pournelle, describes the value of lead protection: "In our trials, as many as 3% of our client's inbound leads were found to contain improper or suspicious data. When someone enters their name as 'Mickey Mouse' or 'Homer Simpson' LeadGenius automatically purges the record. The bad lead is never sold and clients can focus their attention on real customers"

Developed in consultancy with the client, LeadGenius checks both the validity of each field within a record and also looks at a combination of irregularities across fields using artificial intelligence.

"My favorite data check is the cuss word file", says Last Second Media Vice President, Jeff Wall. "If anyone enters an American, Canadian or British slang word for genitalia, excrement or a sexual act, LeadGenius automatically kicks out the record."

In another example, if a customer enters '1234' as their street number, or enters 'Main Street' as their street name, the record is allowed.  However, when used in combination, '1234 Main Street' is disallowed and flagged as a fraudulent record.

Additionally, LeadGenius checks the area code of the phone number provided against the zip code.  By combining quarterly updated databases, LeadGenius also verifies the combination of telephone area code against the first three digits of a phone number or NSX record.  In sum, this artificial intelligence increases the worth of every lead to a buyer by reducing click fraud and lead fraud.

This lead protection system offers significant impact.  Says Frank Pournelle, "Before this program was initiated, our client would provide lead buyers with extra records to cover duplicates, errors and fraudulent leads. With the quality of this lead protection and the efficiency it provides, LeadGenius allowed them to stop over delivery and thereby drop their lead price by 20%."

For more information on the Lead Genius fraud detection system, please visit Last Second Media at www.lastsecondmedia.tv

**Mr. Inky Takes the Stage**

Massive nation-wide creative collaboration introduces the first 3D digital character in Direct Response TV

The new TV campaign for 1-800INKJETS' CartridgeClub is ready for the main stage . On Tuesday, Anderson Grimes Melton completed over 289  hours of computer rendering time and will assist Last Second Media in debuting the high-end direct response commercial on national television, September 15.

The campaign was highly orchestrated, using digital and real-world talent from across the country.   In Florida, the art direction talent of Guillermo Herrera at O3B.com maintained brand integrity, while 3D specialist at Anderson Grimes Melton in Carson City, NV set their  six machines to render the character over several weeks.  

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, NV the real world actor portrayals were produced by Mike Levy at CMX/Century Productions using high-definition cameras, digital sound mixing and a custom music score. 

Rusty Meyers, a long time commercial veteran spokesman for Wendy's joins Mr. Inky, as the stars of this upbeat, bright continuity campaign.  And now, the 45 day production time will be leveraged with a healthy pay-for-performance DRTV campaign using up to 600 broadcasting outlets around the country.

The creative-teamwork is also backed by a strong continuity offer -- not only does the consumer get a free Mr. Inky Plush Toy (to capture word-of-mouth), they also receive a free set of both black and color inkjets when they sign up for just one additional delivery at up to 60% off.

Sacha Ouvaroff at The Difference Engine produces.  Last Second Media directs, manages media assignments and brokers the pay-for-performance TV and radio opportunities. 

**Welcome to a World of Better Hearing! **

Last Second Media helps HearingPlanet target a younger market for their hearing aids with help from a 1967 GTO and a famous mansion.

Last Second Media Inc. continues its direct response television advertising campaign for HearingPlanet Inc . ( www.hearingplanet.com ). To view the commercial online, visit http://www.veoh.com/videos/v3303679CHTaPfyP

The spot airing today offers consumers a free video, information kit, and $100 rebate certificate on GNReSound Air digital hearing aids.

The terms of the national cable broadcast are unique because HearingPlanet is guaranteed a fixed cost-per-inquiry. This campaign also shows the increasing efforts of advertisers to restrain the growing cost of television media by working directly with media brokers.

Shot in high-definition TV (HDTV), the commercial promotes hearing aid sales through the nation's largest direct-to-consumer distributor of hearing aids, HearingPlanet. HearingPlanet contracted with Last Second Media to fix the cost of each sales lead and will pay nothing for the commercial time itself. 100% of the media broadcast will be paid strictly on a pay-for-performance basis - eliminating the risk of national television advertising.  By aggregating the unsold time of national cable channels on a regional basis through various networks. Last Second Media has aggregated commercial broadcast in up to 66% of all U.S. cable households.

Said Last Second Media President Frank Pournelle, "Although the concept of pay-for-performance advertising is not new, we are able to deliver a single brand message nationwide at a fixed cost.  The client can drive their business both aggressively and with limited risk."  Commercial production was conducted in Las Vegas, NV.  Shoot locations include the mansion made famous by Sharon Stone in the movie "Casino". Custom tagging and distribution of the commercial will be performed at AGM Video in Carson City, NV.

2000 Stunt Puppet for Warranty Now in QUICKTIME

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