Tips 53

Creating Your Offer -
What's Your Hook?

It's important to create a compelling offer for viewers to act now. Without this offer, no amount of brand positioning or creative production will overcome the costs of doing business.   How will you compel someone to get up off the couch, pick up the phone and then try your product or service?

A good place to look might be your most successful email or direct mail programs. 

Your goal is to create an offer with high perceived value, low cost, and that is related to your product or service. 

Some examples of a great offer:

  • First 200 callers get a Free Guide and $100 Credit

  • Free Information Kit, Buyer's Guide, and DVD

  • Get $200 Cash Rebate when you sign up before Dec 31

  • Get Free Overnight Shipping and a $40 Gift Card with purchase

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